Keynote Presentation
Building Your Personal Brand: A New Career in Just 1 Year!
Take your career to the next level through the power of personal branding. Nance Rosen, named "America’s Job Coach" by CNBC, helps you discover powerful secrets about personal branding that can help you invigorate or reinvent your career. RSVP NOW

Patient Advocacy: Navigating the Complexities of Modern Health Care
Join our panel of experts who will discuss the current health care system and the rapidly growing field of patient advocacy. Learn the vital role patient advocates play in the U.S. health system as facilitators to getting quality health care, and how you can take part in this growing field. Experts discuss how advocates help patients navigate their care within hospitals and clinics, find resources to help them make difficult health-related decisions, and understand insurance billing and reimbursement. RSVP NOW

Applying Principles of Sustainability to Your Career Goals: The Value of Extension's Global Sustainability Certificate
Recent graduates of this timely certificate talk about their experiences and best practices, as well as how the certificate changed their career directions. Learn how to become a leader in your company's or community's green initiatives and how designers, educators, technology professionals, lawyers, and others can contribute to a greener world. RSVP NOW

Homeland Security and Private Sector Business: Corporation's Role in Critical Infrastructure Protection
The ultimate challenge in combating terrorism lies in diagnosing and treating the problem so that it’s manageable. Learn about the role the private sector plays in securing our homeland in this workshop that offers strategies to aid in the fight against national and international threats. RSVP NOW


Getting Your Creative Writing Published
Whether you’re writing short or long fiction, personal essays, or a memoir, to get published in today’s changing literary marketplace you need to be your own advocate, have a winning strategy, and write quality work. Join our panel of established authors who talk about how to get and keep your work in print. RSVP NOW

Career Opportunities in the Financial Field
Despite the job market, it's still possible to build a successful financial career. Learn about the current employment landscape in both accounting and finance at this informative panel. Discussion is followed by Q&A. RSVP NOW

Managing Water Resources with Sustainable Landscaping
Sustainability careers are growing in demand. Find out how landscape architects and engineers are working to manage water resources, using appropriate native plants, low-impact development, and appropriate site planning and infrastructure design. Our expert panel shows you ways pursue a career that embraces a sustainable landscape and water ethic. RSVP NOW

Careers in Construction Management & Project Management
Learn how Extension's Construction Management and Project Management Certificates give you the right tools and knowledge you need to become a more effective project manager. Panel speakers also discuss how these certificates help prepare you for the important Project Management Professional Exam. Suitable anyone in government and such industries as banking, construction, defense, entertainment, health, information technology, and more. RSVP NOW