Designing Viable Online Products: Where User Experience and Business Strategy Meet

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When you factor out the significant amount of the time, money, and technical experience needed to launch an online product or service, there remain a huge number of online opportunities that can be more easily discovered and developed by smart, creative people. Today, the availability of common platforms gives intrapreneurs and entrepreneurs--even those with little or no financing or technical experience--access to global markets. You start by quickly identifying a minimum viable product, then quickly and efficiently refining that product until it resonates with customers. This course is a mashup of innovative methods culled from several disciplines, including user experience and business strategy, to help you do just that. Topics include aligning product vision with business goals, value innovation, rapid prototyping, customer development, and fast ways to analyze the competition and research users. The end result equips participants with a strategic method to quickly and effectively launch a product or service online. Recommended prerequisite: Familiarity with a digital tool for preparing presentations, such as Powerpoint, Keynote, Photoshop, InDesign.Internet access required to retrieve course materials.

Westwood: 415 1010 Westwood Center
Wednesday, 6:30-10pm,
January 9 - March 13

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