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Business & Finance

Remain competitive by staying on top of emerging technologies and industry changes. We offer you over 300 courses, conferences, and seminars a year in business and finance, plus certificate programs covering the latest industry updates—all designed to meet the needs of business professionals. Courses are led by working professionals who are experts in their field, and offer you a balance between theoretical and practical information.

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In addition to our on-ground classroom locations in the Los Angeles area, we offer many programs online, including entire certificate programs in Accounting; Personal Financial Planning; and General Business Studies.

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Contract Management Certificate

The Contract Management Certificate is a 6 course (24-unit) program for new and experienced contract managers in both the public and private sector. Learn the skills to advance your career in contract management in this newly-designed, six-course, Con. . .

Enterprise Risk Management Certificate

The rise in the volume and complexity of risks facing organizations - whether from insider threats, cyber-attacks, shooters, or brand damage - requires more effective risk avoidance, risk mitigation, risk transfer and asset (human and physical) protectio. . .

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Iran: The New Emerging Market (Hybrid)

Management X 460.962

4.00 units


Summer 2016



Reza Bavafa

Iran is potentially the largest new emerging market in the world. Turning inward and relatively isolated for several decades, it has missed out on foreign ... More

Making It Happen: Bringing Your Music Project Home

Music X 451.6

4.00 units


Summer 2016


Not Available

Owen Husney

In this hands-on workshop modeled on real-world music business situations, learn how get your project on track and/or bring it to fruition. For artists and ... More

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