Architecture and Interior Design: Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a Certificate and a Degree?

In Certificated Programs the curriculum focus is very specific, an approach similar to that of a Master’s program. Our Certificated Program provides a highly intense education in design principles and interior design. Students who receive their Certificate have the same standing when taking the NCIDQ examination as graduates from degree-granting institutions.

Is the Professional Level Program in Interior Design accredited?

Yes. The Interior Design Program is CIDA accredited and UCLA is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) and the program was developed and is administered in accordance with Extension policy and the regulations of the Academic Senate of the University of California.

What is the Degree Requirement?

Candidacy in the UCLA Extension Foundation Level Certificate Program in Interior Design (first 18 courses) does not require that students have an undergraduate degree.  The Master of Interior Architecture (advanced level additional 12 courses) requires evidence of a bachelor's degree, and successful completion of the Foundation Level prerequisite courses.


I’ve already taken some art and design courses at another school. May I get credit for them?

Advanced standing is awarded on a case-by-case basis. Be prepared to meet with the program advisor to produce your transcripts, course descriptions, and a portfolio or samples of completed work.

Are courses offered during the day or only during the evening?

Many required courses are offered during the day and evening, and students may enroll in any combination of time slots allowing for scheduling flexibility. Note that a very small number of courses are regularly featured at the same time each quarter, as we are sometimes bound by the constraints of our instructors’ work schedules.

How many courses should I take each quarter?

Each quarter is 12 weeks long, and most courses meet once per week for three hours, with an average of nine hours’ outside work weekly for each course. Full-time enrollment is three courses per quarter but students may take fewer than three courses per quarter. [International students are required to carry a minimum number of units per quarter. For more information contact the UCLA Extension International Student Office, (310) 825-9351.]

Is there an application process?
Candidacy is required for graduation from the program and many other benefits. Although it is recommended that students become candidates when beginning the program, they may take up to five courses before establishing candidacy. To become a candidate in the program you will need to pay a $250 fee to the UCLA Extension Registrar by calling 310-825-9971, use registration number CF573.  To begin, simply enroll in one or more courses.  International students must be design program candidates. For more information contact the UCLA Extension International Student Office, (310) 825-9351.
What resources are available to Design Program Candidates?

In addition to having their Student Records kept on file, Design Program Candidates receive an ID card entitling them access to career placement resources including the Job Book and Internships; the on-site resource library, product literature, and materials samples; opportunities to earn free classes as a teaching assistant; and discounts on certain programs. Candidates are also eligible for ASUCLA computer store discounts. The Candidacy Fee, required for graduation, is due on or before completion of the fifth course in the Program. For more information, see "How much is the Candidacy Fee?" under Tuition & Material Costs.

How do I know which courses to take?

Simply follow the sequence of courses outlined in the Curriculum Chart published each quarter in the UCLA Extension catalog.

What if I’m interested only in residential or only in commercial design?

Our objective is to provide a well-rounded education. As you advance through the Program, exposure to various aspects of design will only enhance your ability to pursue a professional specialization that is of greatest interest to you.

Are all of the classes held at UCLA Extension in the 1010 Westwood location?

The majority of Design Program courses are taught at the 1010 Westwood classroom building. Larger lecture courses are offered on UCLA’s main campus.

Where can I park?

Daytime parking is available at various rates in numerous private Westwood Village lots, many of which also offer evening discounts. In addition, single entry and quarterly UCLA parking permits are available. See the UCLA Extension catalog for more information.