Supply Chains and Blockchain Technology In Times of Uncertainties

MGMT 789

This session covers an overview of how blockchain technology can build transparency, resilience and trust into future supply chains and help with economic recovery.


What you can learn.

  • Gain an overview of supply chain issues that have surfaced during COVID-19
  • Understand the key characteristics of blockchain technology
  • Recognize how blockchain technology can potentially help to build resiliency, transparency, and trust into supply chains
  • Explore possible ways to solve supply chain gaps with blockchain technology, by means of case studies

About this course:

The pressure created by the coronavirus on global supply chain systems highlights an urgent need for rapid global cooperation to maintain and strengthen the resilience and transparency of highly-complex international supply chains. The relevance and impact of distributed ledger technology to provide solutions to such issues will become more relevant and evident. Remember, blockchain technology enables a ‘shared truth’ and ‘I see what you see’. While blockchain is not a silver bullet, this session will review the characteristics of blockchain technology which makes it a potential appropriate technology to address some supply chain issues. It will also review some use cases / case studies which has seen much traction globally the last few months.
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