Foundation Skills of Business Writing


Employing a workshop style approach, this course focuses on clear writing techniques, emphasizing business applications.


What you can learn.

  • Practice effective sentence structure, paragraph organization, punctuation conventions, and appropriate word choice
  • Learn strategies to get the writing process started
  • Identify the key elements of effective memo, letter, and report writing

About this course:

The underlying goal of every business message is to build strong relationships with stakeholders. This course teaches students how to effectively organize and communicate ideas in written form and to consider the impact of how ideas are communicated to the reader or listener. Students learn the basics of strong sentence structure and proper punctuation to convey meaning that is logically presented for the reader to be able to quickly understand the message while feeling his or her needs are fully considered in the process. Through writing exercises, students also learn about strategies to reduce writers’ block, appropriate word choice, paragraph organization, as well as the key elements of effective memo, letter, and report writing. This course helps students understand the principles for writing messages that create a strong business network and forge collaborative and mutually beneficial business relationships.

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