Salesforce CRM Essentials

MGMT X 430.814

This course teaches the power and applications of any comprehensive CRM system, focusing on CRM system education and training will significantly enhance students' career prospects and day-to-day effectiveness.


What you can learn.

  • Learn the fundamentals of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software, with a focus on
  • Identify key CRM stakeholders such as senior executives, external clients, and VIPs
  • Leverage your knowledge of CRM systems for effective executive and marketing support

About this course:

Today’s Executive Assistant, as well as Marketing professionals, often have complex contact and follow-up requirements along with a continuously growing contact list itself. Customer relationship management in recent years for well over 100,000 companies has relied on Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software with, the dominant CRM provider. Customers may be internal organization contacts of each senior executive as well as external clients, VIP’s, and other key contacts/relationships. Even if the organization employs an alternative to, this course will prepare the Executive Assistant to obtain substantial organization specific benefits; and teaches the student the power and applications of any comprehensive CRM system although it is For those students employed in a rapidly growing small/medium sized business, those employed by a global organization, or those working with a non-profit with many individual relationships a CRM system education and training will be crucial for both executive and marketing support. With this course, an Executive Assistant or marketing professional should significantly enhance their career prospects and day-to-day effectiveness. 

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