Project Monitoring and Control

MGMT X 443.8

This course focuses on the tools and techniques project managers must master in order to effectively bring in each project work on-time and within budget.

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As few as 11 weeks

What you can learn.

  • Describe the essence of project monitoring and control
  • Define the relationship and interdependencies between project planning and control
  • Apply techniques to capture project status, track progress, and analyze project performance to determine if its on track and/or what needs to be changed
  • Apply the steps to effectively monitor and control project work to meet desired goals using situational approachs

About this course:

This course focuses on the tools and techniques project managers must master in order to effectively bring in each project on-time and within budget. Students learn how to analyze what parameters should (and should not) be monitored are presented, as well as the methodology for designing a performance measurement system. Topics include various methods of schedule development, project planning, and status reporting. This course covers real-world examples of project schedules and monitoring systems.
Suggested Prerequisites

It is advisable that you complete the following (or equivalent) since they are prerequisites for Project Monitoring and Control.

X 443.1 Fundamentals of Project Management or consent of instructor.

Winter 2020 Schedule

Available Format(s):

These courses are fully online, and there are no in-person classroom meetings.

Future Offering (Opens November 04, 2019 12:00:00 AM)
Instructor: Tony Swaim
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Elective course in Project Management Certificate.

Enrollment limited; early enrollment advised. Internet access required. Materials required.

Refund Deadline
No refunds after January 20, 2020
Course Requirements
Internet access required to retrieve course materials.

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