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Online Certificate in College Counseling

Those who work with students making the transition from high school to college are all too aware of the need for training and information that is up-to-date, comprehensive, and practical.

This online program is designed to be a preparation for counseling high school students effectively and helping them identify their post-secondary options. And because it’s online, this preparation is available virtually day or night.

Please note:  UCLA Extension offers an early enrollment discount on the course fees. The deadline date for paying the discounted fee of   $599.00 for the SUMMER 2014 quarter  is May 5.  After that date the fee will be $659.00 for the first six required courses.   The early enrollment discounted fee for the Practicum course will be $455.00.  After the deadline date the fee will be increased to $500.00. The Summer quarter classes will be available for enrollment beginning on April 14.

How Online Courses Work

While these courses are offered in the online format, it isn't necessary for you to access the class at any particular time of day or on any particular day for that matter.   You can participate in the class at any time which is convenient for you.  However, you do need to plan on going into the class at least two or three times a week in order to keep up with the course work.  These courses aren't substantially different from classroom-based courses.  It isn't an independent study or self-paced kind of situation.  All of the classes are all taught by instructors, there are formal assignments with specific due dates, and most of them have required textbooks.  New lecture material is posted each week which you will be required to read.  You should plan on spending about 10-12 hours per week on a class.  There are 10, or in some cases 11 weekly sessions in the sense that new lecture material will be posted each week and you'll be responsible for reading it.

You will want to go into the class on the first day.  The instructor will have posted an announcement, and there is a link to a course syllabus.  You'll probably want to print it and give yourself a paper copy so you can follow along with the class.  You don't have to go into a class each Monday or Tuesday, but if you were to wait until Friday for example, the week will have passed by and you would have lost the time during which you needed to have completed the course work. 

The software program we use for our online courses is called Blackboard.  Within Blackboard there is a area called Discussion Board which you are required to participate in.  It's part of your grade.  This is the area where everyone "talks" to each other.  Think of it as a classroom where everyone comes together and the class is conducted there.  It's similar to email.   You go in and read your classmates' comments, and post your own.  The instructor goes into this area as well and responds to the students' inquiries, comments, etc.  You'll go through the week, reading the lecture material, doing the weekly assignments and doing the required reading.  You'll be given access to the class two days before the start date of the class.   Generally there isn't any video material which you'll be watching.  Although some instructors will give students links to various pieces posted on You Tube which are pertinent to the course.  Again, you would watch those at your convenience. 

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Student Testimonial

"Of all my years of experience and exposure to educational and enrichment programs, none have even come close to the College Counseling Program. Without question, it is the most worthwhile, most beneficial, and most rewarding program I have ever had the pleasure of being involved with.

...I was concerned about the online aspect of these courses. I could not believe how easy it was to maneuver through the system, and how responsive the technical staff was to me and my peers if any problems arose. It was most impressive."

Diane Dickerson