Event Photography

ART X 428.99

Learn the ins and outs of event photography in this course that includes lecture, creative assignments, crique, and two weekend hands-on event shoots.


What you can learn.

  • Discuss event genres including weddings, music, and community and private events
  • Learn how to interact with clients, market yourself, and negotiate rates
  • Learn lighting techniques, tips for shooting quickly and comfortably, and how to process and present images

About this course:

Students are introduced to the technical and creative demands of event photography. Genres touched on include weddings, music, and community and private events. Topics include interacting with clients, marketing yourself and negotiating rates, working on a shot list, and incorporating your own style and voice while taking into account client needs. Technical instruction covers lighting (natural vs. artificial), shooting comfortably and quickly on manual settings, and processing images. Class time consists of lecture, creative assignments, critique, and two weekend shoots where students get hands-on experience. By the end of the course, students should be able to show consistency in capturing successful images, and have several strong portfolio pieces.  Students should be comfortable shooting in Manual Mode and managing/processing their digital files. 
ART X 438.9 Photography I or equivalent experience. Students should be comfortable shooting in Manual Mode and managing/processing their digital files. 

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