AR/MR/VR for Immersive Content: Experience, Game, and Media

DESMA X 479.5K

Learn to develop a viable, feasible, desirable AR/VR/MR product presentation or prototype based on client needs and market conditions. Pitch your completed concept to fellow students and industry judges.


What you can learn.

  • Gain hands-on access to the latest devices and hardware for this platform, which is predicted to mature into a $100 billion market by 2021
  • Be exposed to best practices and insights from over 100,000 hours of AR/VR/MR development (for clients like LEGO, Google, Honda, Disney, Visa and Snap) through real-world case-studies and industry speakers
  • How to conduct market research, conceptual design, hands-on prototyping, and testing
  • Leave the class with presentations and prototypes for portfolio or further development
  • Learn about the AR/VR/MR ecosystem through hands-on interaction with hardware and software

About this course:

Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality/Mixed Reality is the next computing platform after mobile and is massively impacting industries across a wide range of applications, from consumer entertainment to enterprise tools and training. This course provides hands-on access to the latest devices and hardware. Students are introduced to best practices and insights in AR/VR/MR development through real-world case studies. Students do market research, conceptual design, and hands-on prototyping. They leave the class with presentations and prototypes for portfolio or further development. The subject matter of projects can be related to games, digital/physical products, location-based experiences, or enterprise tools and training. Prerequisite: Basic familiarity with Unity.

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