Art Direction Bootcamp

DESMA X 482.9L

Build the skillset needed to become an art director, or work with one. Research existing campaigns, then begin to develop your own campaign using the creative brief as your guide to develop a strategy and rationale for your work. Complete the course with a design strategy that follows up on the creative brief.

Starting at $789.00
As few as 11 weeks

What you can learn.

  • Understand typography history, how to select a typeface, and how to design the written word
  • Understand color theory, psychological and historical
  • Develop a keen eye for considering imagery, including illustration and photography
  • Develop an interviewing and insight-building practice
  • Use a toolkit of questions to ask your client (or yourself)
  • Use a toolkit of answers using your new visual skill set

About this course:

Are you a designer or entrepreneur with a vision but failing to bring it to life? Using your left brain, we will develop your right brain. Learn how to hone your design skills to bring an idea to life with purposeful and thoughtful combination of imagery, typography, composition, hierarchy, and color. Dive into the psychology of color theory, the history of typography, and the power of imagery. Building upon this knowledge, you will be able to clearly articulate your creative vision in order to design or direct any creative project: branding, web design, packaging, presentations, or anything needing a visual eye. Be a more thoughtful and considerate designer, with the ability to defend your work and articulate the success of your designs. Or become a better client, with the ability to be clear in what you are looking for, understand the design language, and get the most out of your designers.

Summer 2022 Schedule

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Instructor: Anya Farquhar
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