Exploratory Statistics with Python

COM SCI X 418.105

Get an introduction to core concepts in probability and statistics that will be useful throughout your data science career. This course also introduces students to important Python tools used by data scientists. 


About this course:

As probability and statistics are fundamental to machine learning algorithms, practitioners in data science must be familiar with basic statistical concepts. This course introduces practitioners to material from probability and statistics that will be useful throughout their career. There are four areas where this course differs from a standard probability and statistics course. First, as opposed to learning through the axiomatic, deductive process, students learn through computer experimentation; the student distills results from experiments building intuition into key concepts. A related area that distinguishes this course is the use of Python. As students run experiments, they will become familiar with Python tools used by data scientists. Another area that distinguishes this course is the selection of material. In addition to introducing fundamental concepts, emphasis is given to material that is of greatest value to practitioners. Whereas a theoretician has the luxury of assuming pristine datasets, the practitioner must deal with the reality that datasets contain errors. Whereas the theoretician may be satisfied with a demonstration that a process asymptotically converges, the practitioner must decide specifically when to terminate a process and draw a conclusion. This course gives practical guidance for issues that the practitioner confronts. Finally, in line with the philosophy of conceptual understanding through concrete example, the course ends by applying the conceptual material to regression modeling.
Suggested Prerequisites

It is advisable that you complete the following (or equivalent) since they are prerequisites for Exploratory Statistics with Python.

The student is expected to have basic programming skills that one would obtain from experience with a high-level language. Knowledge of Python would be helpful but is not required. Students without Python experience are welcome and must be prepared to learn the basics on their own.

Precalculus is the only prerequisite. Students with a stronger background will have the opportunity to investigate topics in more depth and will find some material more accessible.

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