GIS and Geospatial Technology

This five-course, fully online certificate is developed in partnership with UCLA Department of Geography. It provides a comprehensive foundation of knowledge and skills associated with geographic information systems (GIS). It teaches computer-based mapping and spatial analysis techniques with hands-on, project-based instruction using industry-standard GIS software platforms. Upon completion of the program, participants will be prepared for a GIS job and/or integrate GIS technologies into their current professions. 

Additionally, earn credit toward GISP certification by completing a certificate. Earn Student Activity Hours (SAH) for our courses, at a rate of 150 for our Intro course and 120 for each of the other courses. All the courses are transferable and are accredited, approved by the UCLA Academic Senate as credit-bearing courses. Courses carry both lower-division (Intro) and upper-division (all other courses) undergraduate credit. 


This program is perfect for...

  • People without formal GIS training or work experience who are looking to start a career in geographic information systems or cartography
  • People interested in learning how to make maps, analyze geographic data, or make decisions using the spatial dimension of data
  • Any professional or student who wants to integrate GIS and related geospatial technologies into their current career or organization
  • Students who want to learn how to use location-based data to better understand the world

What you can learn.

  • Learn to make maps and analyze data using the most popular industry-standard (ArcGIS Desktop) and free open source (QGIS) GIS software platforms
  • Learn how to ask geographic research questions and solve problems with a spatial dimension
  • Master computing and problem-solving skills whose applications extend beyond GIS
  • Acquire skills in data collection, data analysis, and data processing
  • Become proficient in working with spatial data and geographic information systems (GIS)

Join our free info session to learn more. This program is structured as an open enrollment program, no formal application process is required. Enrolling in the certificate program for the first time involves two steps: 

(1) Registering for Introduction to GIS course, or any other as the gateway course to the certificate, and

(2) Declaring certificate candidacy. Registering, paying for 'candidacy fee' establishes you as a student formally seeking the certificate. This process may be completed at any time after enrolling in a course(s) and does not need to be completed upfront. Click here to know more.

Certificate Course Planner

Required Course Availability* Fall Winter Spring Summer
Introduction to GIS
Intermediate GIS    
Advanced GIS    
GIS Programming    
*Can be subject to change

Estimated Cost Breakdown

Application & Candidacy Fee


Estimated Program Tuition


Estimated program textbook/materials


Estimated Total Cost


*The Application & Candidacy fee establishes your candidacy in the program for a period of time covering normal progress toward completion and may allow you to access a variety of program benefits. See our website or speak to a program representative for more information about candidacy and program benefits.

Internships Available
Visa Requirement Applicable
VA Benefit Eligible
Financial Aid
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**Federal Financial Aid Gainful Employment Disclosures

The U.S. Department of Education requires colleges and universities to disclose certain information for any financial aid eligible program that, “prepares students for gainful employment in a recognized occupation”. This information includes program costs; occupations that the program prepares students to enter; occupational profiles; on time completion rate; and for the most recent award year: the number of students who have completed the program, the number of students who complete the program within the estimated duration, the job placement rate, and the median Title IV and private loan debt incurred by those who complete the program. For gainful employment information for this program, visit our Financial Aid page.

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Speak to a program representative. Hours: Mon-Fri, 8am-5pm.

The GIS field has grown so much since I took an introductory course in college, and it’s been invaluable to get connected with professors that are so passionate about the field. The program courses feel current, challenging and engaging. The pace has been fast but not overwhelming, and it's been easy to settle into a rhythm with completing assignments and quizzes each week. I'm most impressed by the program's comprehensive focus on both the technical foundation of GIS as well as the supplemental open source programs, online apps and design tools --  David McCreary

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