Web Mapping Fundamentals

This course introduces the concepts and techniques fundamental to Web-based GIS mapping, which refers to the rapidly growing field involving the development of interactive maps for desktop and mobile users of the World Wide Web. Develop interactive Web maps and applications using ArcGIS Online and Mapbox Studio.

What you can learn.

  • Learn about web technologies that can be used to present the results of data analysis and processing performed using geographic information systems (GIS) methods
  • Learn best practices of cartographic design to be applied to creating interactive Web-based mapping products using established Web mapping platforms
  • Develop, sharpen and reinforce understanding of the cartographic process and best practices of interactive Web-based map design
  • Learn about the theory, technical frameworks and concepts underlying Web-based mapping

About this course:

This course offers an overview of web technology and an introduction to common Web mapping concepts and methods including the client-server model, slippy maps and tile map services (TMS), data models, and browser-based vector graphics. Students learn to develop interactive Web maps and applications using several industry-standard Web mapping software platforms including ArcGIS Online and Mapbox Studio. Emphasis is placed upon using and extending existing Web mapping platforms to facilitate rapid development of professional quality Web maps and applications. Basic use of Web markup language (HTML) and stylesheets (CSS and similar formats) is taught and incorporated in several exercises.

This is an online course, wherein all course content is delivered online and all interaction among the instructor and the participants will take place online.

Applied training in GIS project management is introduced and is foundational to the course’s project-based approach. Emphasis is placed upon extensibility of GIS software, including the structure, development modi?cation, and installation of both third party and custom data processing models and extensions for both ArcGIS and QGIS.

This is an online course, wherein all course content is delivered online and all interaction among the instructor and the participants will take place online. Students will be earning transferable UCLA course credit for all courses in the certificate program. They are accredited and approved by the UCLA Academic Senate as credit-bearing courses. Courses carry both lower-division (Intro) and upper-division (all other courses) undergraduate credit.

Technical requirements: Students are responsible for providing a personal computer with at least 2GB of RAM that runs Windows 7 or better. Macs can be used provided that Windows is installed either using Boot Camp or virtualization (VirtualBox, Parallels, etc.) with at least 2GB of RAM allocated to Windows. Students will be provided with a student license to ArcGIS as long as they are enrolled in program courses.

Suggested Prerequisites

It is advisable that you complete the following (or equivalent) since they are prerequisites for Web Mapping Fundamentals.

Recommended Prerequisites: GEOG XL 167: Cartography

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