Advanced Linux/Unix: Networking

COM SCI X 417.29A

This course covers general networking, how to implement and access it from the Linux platform specifically, and Manual and automatic IP configurations. TCP/IP networking over Ethernet is the central focus.


About this course:

This course gives attention equally to general networking, which is platform independent, and how to implement and access it from the Linux platform specifically. TCP/IP networking over Ethernet is the central focus. Manual and automatic IP configurations are covered. Substantial attention is given to a select set of important protocols, tools, and server programs. The protocols are Ethernet, IP, ARP, UDP, TCP, HTTP, DNS, DHCP, DNS, and SMB. Important tools covered are netstat, ping, traceroute, ARP, tcpdump/Wireshark sniffers, and Nmap port scanner. Servers are introduced with small tutorial programs that demonstrate the programmatic structure of standard socket-API applications -- the defining characteristic of client and server programs. This lays groundwork for covering some combination of specific real-world services. As time allows and student interest dictates Apache, BIND, NFS, Samba, DHCP, and others are examined. Their configuration is covered from client and server sides, both by directly editing the appropriate configuration files and applying front-end graphical tools. Finally server selection, installation, and management methods are presented. In-class exercises are liberally performed.
X 417.31 Introduction to Linux/Unix, or alternative familiarity with Linux.

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