Embedded Software II

ENGR X 457.55A

The primary goal of this course is to introduce students to core principles of operating systems. Successful completion of the course and its projects should students the necessary tools to understand the operation of most small commercial real-time operating systems.


About this course:

This course builds upon the material and practical lab exercises covered in ENGR X 457.55 Embedded Software I, with heavy emphasis on the principal concepts of Real-Time Operating Systems. Major topics include Kernel Objects and Constructs; Interrupts and Error Handling; Timer and I/O Services; Memory Management; Concurrency and Schedulability; Rate Monotonic Systems; Synchronization and Communication; Component Based Real Time Systems; and common RTOS design problems such as Starvation, Deadlock, and Priority Inversion. The course consists of lecture and discussion. This course is only available in the spring quarter.
ENGR X 457.55 Embedded Software I, or ability to read/write software in C language and some familiarity with KEIL Microvision Integrated Development Environment (IDE).

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