Engaging and interactive remote teaching strategies for K – 2nd grade parents

EDUC X 721

Reduce worries that your child is falling behind. Learn to create unique and supportive learning experiences for young elementary children in online school and participate in a fun, collaborative network of parents experiencing the same concerns.


What you can learn.

  • Learn guidelines for core content and strategies to create engaging and effective learning environments
  • Review content milestones for your child's grade-level
  • Examine daily routines that facilitate socio-emotional learning for school success
  • Share and discuss specific ideas and plans to support your child's learning, with other parents

About this course:

Parents and caregivers of young children, Kindergarten through 2nd grade, are finding remote, online learning, during the Covid-19 “shelter-at-home," challenging to support. This course provides parents and caregivers guidelines for core content and strategies to create effective learning environments that are engaging, interactive, and support student learning. The course has three, short modules to get you started: the importance of socio-emotional learning for school success; daily routines to facilitate learning experiences; and content milestones for each grade level. Each module offers videos and information on home curricula, discussion boards for brainstorming and sharing activities, and personalized support from the instructor. By the end of the course, you will have a clear idea about core content for your child’s age-group and specific ideas and plans supporting your child.

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