Parenting Skills for Busy Parents: Developing sound parenting methods during quarantine and beyond

EDUC 720

Learn researched-based methods to create powerful learning environments while balancing work and raising your child during these uniquely challenging times. 

As few as 4 weeks

What you can learn.

  • Explore methods for balancing work and raising your child during quarantine
  • Dialogue with others in an emotionally supportive environment to ease the stress of being a parent in this unique time
  • Learn how to create powerful learning environments that support both parents and children

About this course:

Are you the parent of a child aged 2 to 5 year’s old? Have you found being a parent during quarantine a bit of a challenge? Would you like personal support and research-based methods for balancing work and raising your child? If so, this course is for you. Over the next four weeks, this course will provide you with key skills to: create powerful learning environments, routines that support parents and children, manage challenging behaviors, and tips on how to get your professional work done while caring for your young child. Each week we will review developmental concepts through articles and video, and you will interact in on-line discussion forums designed to answer the questions most important to you. This course not only offers good techniques and information but also provides an emotionally supportive environment to ease stress and confusion of being a parent during these challenging times.

Fall 2021 Schedule

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Instructor: Victor Soto
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ENROLL BY: Sep 20, 2021
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Internet access required. 

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