The Role of Play in Early Childhood Education

EDUC X 125

This online course provides a contemporary, research-based perspective of learning through play in early childhood settings, and how this supports optimal brain development and executive function skills.

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What you can learn.

  • Create quality learning through guided play experiences
  • Know the research on play and brain development
  • Learn to articulate the benefits of play-based learning
  • Enhance executive function skills and intellectual development in your classroom

About this course:

Provides a historical and contemporary perspective of play, hands-on experiences, and thoughtful insight into the dynamics of children's play with attention to Piagetian theory, developmental appropriateness, and multicultural approaches. Observe and explore ways to integrate play throughout the curriculum and review available resources. Students may be required to observe young children. Applies toward Title 22 regulations and Title 5 Child Development Permits; core required course for Basic Core Certificate; letter grade of C or better required for California ECE Permits; transferable for unit credit toward a bachelor's degree at all University of California (UC) campuses; accepted for unit, subject, and grade toward a bachelor's degree at all California State University system (CSU) campuses.

Fall 2019 Schedule

Available Format(s):

These courses are fully online, and there are no in-person classroom meetings.

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Instructor: Marilyn McGrath
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Internet access required. Materials required. 

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Course Requirements
Instructor: Karen Fite
22 days left. Enroll by Nov 4, 2019
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Internet access required. Materials required.
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No refunds after November 08, 2019
Course Requirements
Book: Play at the Center of the Curriculum by Van Hoorn, Nourot, Scales and Rodriguez.

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