Advanced Foundations and Methods of English Language: Literacy Development and Content Instruction

EDUC X 437.77

Enrollment limited to teachers who were admitted to the Teacher Induction-Clear Credential program prior to fall 2017. Click here for current Clear Credential program admissions and course information.


About this course:

Fulfills a core requirement for the UCLA Extension Multiple/Single Subject Clear University Induction Program and may be used at other institutions with prior approval from the candidate's credential advisor. Enhance your knowledge of EL instruction by mastering specific SDAIE and ELD teaching strategies. Learn to identify and analyze individual EL's test scores and class work, using the data to ensure appropriate learning experiences for students with different levels of English proficiency. Discover how to best scaffold grade-level instruction and content work for different EL proficiency levels and explicitly teach reading comprehension strategies to improve reading proficiency in various genres, particularly nonfiction.

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