SPED Inquiry I: Collaboration and Support

EDUC 837.75A

Enrollment limited to teachers who were admitted to the Teacher Induction-Clear Credential program prior to fall 2017. Click here for current Clear Credential program admissions and course information.


What you can learn.

  • Identify your strengths and areas of opportunity in creating and maintaining effective learning environments and supporting student cultural diversity.
  • Design an inquiry question aligned to your specific individual needs and those of your students to study in an action research project.
  • Create an action plan to achieve your intended outcomes for your own practice and to increase student participation, engagement, and achievement.
  • Determine acceptable evidence of the inquiry and growth of both the educator and students.

About this course:

Collaboration between the Education Specialist Induction program, program candidates, and school site administrators creates a professional educational community that provides structures to support program activities and coordinate collaboration and support for all program candidates. This course facilitates the transition from teacher preparation to a Clear Credential by building upon and providing opportunities to demonstrate and apply pedagogical knowledge. Participants are given guidance, expectations, requirements, standards, competencies, procedures for seeking a Support Provider, required number of observations, and the inquiry cycle forms required in the Education Specialist Induction Portfolio.

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