Teaching AP® Economics

EDUC X 394.15

This online course includes intensive sessions for teachers who are designing an AP® Economics course for their high school or planning to take over an existing program.


What you can learn.

  • Understand the benefits and challenges of an AP® Economics course
  • Learn about the AP® program, timing, and scheduling decisions that must be made when offering the course
  • Get tips on establishing a classroom experience that inspires students to do their best work
  • Learn strategies for teaching and testing AP®-quality, multiple-choice questions, and free-response essays
  • Create your own syllabus for a two-semester AP® Economics course
  • Get recommendations on curriculum and book selection, source books, audiovisuals, and web-based learning opportunities

About this course:

This course includes intensive sessions for teachers who are just beginning their experience in teaching an AP® economics course as well as those with experience who are looking for more innovative ways to teach the different concepts associated with AP® economics. Participants are introduced to the AP® economics course requirements and the format of the AP® economics exam through The College Board materials. Modules on different economic topics are covered, and participants develop lesson plans on these topics. Problems and questions from previously released AP® exams are used to relate macroeconomics and microeconomics content to the concepts and principles addressed by the exams. The heart of the course focuses on the development of a course syllabus that meets the College Board requirements for recommended AP® economics curriculum.

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