4. Leading Across Generations: Developing and Empowering High Performance Teams Toward Excellence

MGMT 815.53

he course explores the theoretical framework for discussing generational difference and how it plays out in the workforce. 


What you can learn.

  • Understand the nine competencies critical to managing today’s workforce
  • Recognize and address personal and organizational bias
  • Successfully communicate and work cross-generationally

About this course:

Leading Across Generations is for leaders in search of real-world solutions that address recruiting, retention, employee satisfaction, employee development, knowledge transfer, and managing today’s workforce. The course explores the theoretical framework for discussing generational difference and how it plays out in the workforce. The course is not based on a discussion about young professionals—it is the result of over a decade-long conversation with young professionals and the people who are successful at working with them as employees and clients. Since the course is built on a strong theoretical framework and over a decade of research, it prepares you to handle current and future workplace challenges. You will discover nine competencies critical to leading today’s multigenerational workforce. The competencies fall into three categories; 1) Communicating, 2) Adapting and 3) Envisioning. Successful training is evidenced by the participant’s growth in self-efficacy and others’ observation of that growth. People who have taken this course have increased their ability to inspire and develop others, give meaningful feedback, resolve generational conflict, give direction and deliver results through their teams.

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