Project Management Essentials in Times of Uncertainties

MGMT 715.50

Many businesses are responding to the recent changes with much uncertainty - What is the right thing to do, who is doing what, how are they prioritizing their efforts, and what impact are they making? This session is perfectly suited to answering these questions and more as we cover project management essentials to help you and your team make rational and probabilistic decisions.


What you can learn.

  • Identify effective decision-making, relying on essentials throughout the project management process
  • Understand the role of the leader to avoid panic with stakeholders
  • Learn how to balance the project objectives by shifting focus to address evolving changes
  • Identify mitigation approaches to tackle risk management with control

About this course:

This one-hour webinar will provide a comprehensive overview of the seven essential aspects for effective project management. Come learn how times of uncertainty, sudden change, and unforeseen events which profoundly impact project timelines, cost, and quality will need to be addressed in an agile fashion during a crisis. You will also learn how response strategies, contingency and fallback plans become a top priority when addressing highly dynamic changes in line with the most recent happenings in the world today. The webinar will be delivered by Vivian Taslakian, Program Director and Instructor for Project Management at UCLA Extension.

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