Who Has the Inventory? Effective COVID-19 Inventory and Supply Management

MGMT 713

This seminar focuses on key supply management principles and practices.  The emphasis is on strategies and tactics organizations can take to meet customer requirements during periods of irregularly high demand (e.g., related to COVID-19).


What you can learn.

  • Design an inventory system based on demand forecasting, order receipt, procurement practices, operational capacity and execution, and distribution
  • Develop and maintain an information management system that monitors customer demand and projects future requirements
  • Ensure inventory accuracy through effective computer-based and physical inventory control and assigning responsibility
  • How to respond to irregularly high customer demand by implementing proactive measures and taking reactive actions

About this course:

Historically, organizations have struggled to meet customer requirements during period of irregularly high demand.  To illustrate, demand has skyrocketed for many items (e.g., toilet paper, Plexiglas, home exercise equipment).  This seminar focuses on key supply management principles and practices that organizations can apply to meet customer requirements during periods of high demand, for example, related to COVID-19.  The emphasis is on first creating effective inventory and information management systems and then applying these systems to respond to customer demand proactively and reactively.

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