Building Your Career in Traditional, New, and Future/Emerging Media

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Explore emerging trends and business practices in the new media landscape and learn to evaluate the strategies needed to create successful user-based content in this surging market.

What you can learn.

  • Understand the different models of thriving digital-based companies
  • Discover the latest trends in digital content
  • Develop a strategy to curate a meaningful career path in this new sphere
  • Employ this accumulated knowledge to create successful, popular user content

About this course:

The mediums, platforms, and formats of artistic expression are constantly evolving. Digital-based companies including Awesomeness TV and Defy Media are creating feature-length movies that are released in theaters and on iTunes the same day. Digital brands are creating entire channels for boutique cable bundles. Traditional YouTube multi-channel networks (MCNs), such as Fullscreen, are working on monthly paid subscription premium networks; and other MCNs are contributing entire channels to mobile networks. In this class, you learn about the latest trends in traditional, new, and emerging media, their balance and their synergies. You develop a point of view on how to leverage these industries together to create a meaningful career path. Lectures, practical exercises and discussion are supplemented with prominent industry guests. Topics include creating content for new technology platforms, identifying trends and assessing potential opportunities in film, television, social/digital media, the holographic/virtual reality space, and how to monetize your content. You end the course with a thorough understanding of the current and emerging media space, a career plan, or a blueprint for a creative venture that fits your aspirations.

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