The Business of the Film Industry

MGMT X 403.03
Understand the entire process of making a film from the perspective of a studio executive including the inception of an idea and execution of the material to the evaluation of profits/losses in a globalized film marketplace.

What you can learn.

  • Explore key issues in manager agreements and in standard film and television agreements
  • Learn about independent film finance and distribution deals
  • Become empowered in a way usually only reserved for elite talent lawyers

About this course:

Learn how all the elements that go into making a film fit together and impact each other. This course follows the trajectory of a film from the initial step of finding the project to the ultimate calculation of worldwide profits or losses. Each session covers another step in the process, including the evaluation of return on investment in the global marketplace; components of the entertainment conglomerates; the players and their roles; structure of a major studio and a mini-major; assessing a production's revenue potential; buying and selling rights to literary materials and life stories; overview of film production; finding the appropriate market niche for a film project and tailoring the production to that market; pitching the project and attaching creative elements; negotiating deals; different types of producers and housekeeping arrangements; various forms of film financing and the essentials of each; the uses of cash flow, budgets, and recoupment in structuring finance; maximizing ancillary markets and revenue; developing a marketing plan; distributing the picture in various media; and defining and accounting for profits.

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