The Indie Film Business: Financing and Selling Independent Films

Learn how to effectively and profitably finance and sell your independent film through a variety of different financial deal structures and learn how to find distribution on multiple platforms in the global marketplace.

What you can learn.

  • Understand different topics such as packaging, financing, and selling a film
  • Delve into festival markets, key buyers, and ancillary markets
  • Learn how to oversee a distributor and how they profit form a film
  • Find out what makes a project attractive to producers, sales execs, and acquisition execs

About this course:

Producers, filmmakers, and sales and acquisitions executives learn what makes a project attractive to potential buyers. Study a variety of financial deal structures; and learn how to find distribution--including theatrical, foreign, video, and television, for a global marketplace. Topics include packaging (choosing material, budget, and casting), financing (co-production, negative pick-up, subsidies, equity, presales, completion bonds, and bank financing), selling the film (festivals and markets, key buyers, and ancillary markets). Participants also learn how to oversee their distributor and how to ensure they get the backend they deserve.

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