Making the Short Documentary for Digital Platforms

FILM TV X 475.22

In the powerful world of short-form documentary, discover how to bring to light meaningful stories on many different platforms through lectures, discussions with guest speakers, and the completion of your own short-form doc.


What you can learn.

  • Examine which strategies and platforms are the best ways to get your work out there
  • Explore the different cinematic and narrative techniques that make your story successful in the short-form market
  • Develop, shoot, and edit your own genre-based short-form doc
  • Understand the most popular online short doc outlets both, journalistic and commercial

About this course:

Short-format documentaries have become an increasingly powerful voice in the digital era. The documentaries showcased on platforms such as Vice, Dazed, Frontline, NYTimes Op-Docs, and Storyhunter bring light to meaningful stories and are followed by thousands of viewers across the world. But this trend goes beyond the social-issue and current-affairs arena. Commercial companies are using short-format documentaries to position their products in the market. So what makes short-format documentaries so successful? What strategies and platforms exist to get your work out there? This advanced course examines the most popular online short documentary outlets, both journalistic and commercial, and explores the different cinematic and narrative techniques that can be used to make your story fit the strand. Instruction is structured around lectures, discussion with guest speakers, and practical hands-on assignments. Over the course of this workshop you develop, shoot, and edit one short-format genre-based documentary tailored to one of the main online platforms. Note: Since this is an advanced class, instruction focuses on the best creative choices to tell your story and broadcast it online, but will not cover the basics of documentary filmmaking.
Students must have prior experience in documentary filmmaking and access to a camera, editing, and sound recording equipment.

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