Pitching For Impact: Coming Alive With Your Story of Who You Are & What You Do

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Polish your ability to define your creative vision, communicate who you are, and present your work with precision, clarity, and lasting impact. This workshop is appropriate for actors, directors, writers, and anyone striving to pitch their story.


What you can learn.

  • Define your uniqueness as a person and an artist
  • Strengthen your pitching skills
  • Connect current events and trends to your creative work
  • Master compelling others to invest in you and your work

About this course:

In the digital age, pitching is no longer solely the province of startup founders and entrepreneurs on Shark Tank. Artists also need to be able to powerfully communicate the essence of their work, what makes them different and their vision for the creation of not just a fan base, but also a reliable flow of customers eager to purchase what the artist is making. This course will provide a tangible approach for impactful communication. It will equip the artist with skills and strategies, while also building the participant’s self-awareness and confidence to express their strongest voice in the service of their business. 

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