Writing Lyrics That Succeed and Endure

MUSC X 404.1

Discover how to craft meaningful and powerful lyrics using analyses of student assignments, works-in-progress, and the experience of writing on deadline, rewriting, and collaboration.


What you can learn.

  • Lectures, discussions, and guest speakers expand on the craft of lyric writing
  • Explore the process of lyric writing, overcoming stumbling blocks, and developing a person style
  • Learn what is valued in a lyric from studying great songs
  • Delve into opportunities for lyricists in film, theater, animation, and more

About this course:

The goal of this workshop is to enable you to raise your own standards--reaching further, writing better. Lectures, discussions with guest professionals, and analysis of student assignments and works-in-progress give you experience in the practices of the profession, including writing on assignment and deadline, rewriting, and collaboration. Topics include what is valued in a lyric; reviewing the great songs; expanding one's horizons; the craft of lyric writing; overcoming stumbling blocks; developing a personal style; collaboration; handling rejection; the new marketplace; new opportunities in film, theater, and animation; and artistic objectives: writing lyrics that make a difference, writing lyrics to be proud of, and creating works that survive in an age of disposable product.
Prior experience writing lyrics.

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