Financial Management in the COVID-19 Era

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Discover what you need to know about managing your finances during the COVID-19 pandemic, today’s realities, and what this all means to you.


What you can learn.

  • Learn how COVID-19 may have an impact on us financially, but how it does not change many of the fundamentals of financial management
  • Hear experts discuss what people should be doing or not doing with their retirement accounts
  • Learn what the tax consequences are of today’s financial environment
  • Find out how you should be thinking about your financial future over the upcoming year

About this course:

What do you need to know about managing your finances during the COVID pandemic? Unemployment is at record levels, gold is at an all-time high, the stock market is at an all-time high, interest rates on Mortgages and Bonds at all-time lows, businesses are failing, and new laws are granting people greater access to retirement funds without penalty. These are today's realities, but what does this mean to me? Listen to our panel of financial experts discuss what this means and what you need to be thinking about. Featured Speakers: Todd Davidson, J.D., PFP, Lovett Goode, PFP, Britt Hastey, MBA, Lara Lamb, and Dana Leland, MBA, MTX, MAC, PhD.

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