Money Skills for Teens

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This interactive, fun-filled workshop teaches students financial literacy skills that will be applied throughout their life.


What you can learn.

  • Review online tools and resources, and how to prioritize money management goals
  • Develop a budget to help maximize your money
  • Create a simulated investment portfolio and understand how to make money work for you
  • Learn about managing credit and debt
  • Protect your assets once they begin to accumulate

About this course:

Given the spending power of today's teenagers and their significant future earning power, it is imperative for them to develop strong money management skills early in life. This interactive, fun-filled workshop teaches students how and why money is used, and gives them the guidelines for starting a sound financial plan. Supported with online tools and resources, students are able to develop personal financial knowledge and skills that will last a lifetime. Topics include how to identify and prioritize money management goals; how to develop a budget that can help maximize your money; understanding investments and how money can work for you in the investment world; understanding credit and the cost and risk of using credit; and how to protect your assets once they begin to accumulate. The course also provides segments on career building and the key skills needed for the next generation of workers.

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