Women, Wealth, and Wisdom: The Growth Mindset

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The growth mindset isn't just about attitude. Learn the steps you can take to create it, and more importantly, how to maintain it. Learn more at our latest seminar in the Women, Wealth, and Wisdom Series.

Remote Instruction
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What you can learn.

  • Hear from a panel of professionals about their experience in creating the growth mindset
  • Learn the tools and tricks they use to get through the lulls in motivation

About this course:

Everyone sets out with good intentions, and at times we follow through on those intentions, and at other times we do not. This seminar will talk about the growth mindset (the belief that you are in control of your own ability, and can learn and improve), and how to create and maintain this type of attitude. We will discuss how to create habits that will help you continue to grow so you can achieve your goals in both your personal life and career. Yes, hard work, effort, and persistence are all important, but not as important as having that underlying belief that you are in control of your own destiny.

Summer 2020 Schedule

Available Format(s):

These courses have regular meeting times and are fully online, via remote instruction. Click “See Details” below for more information.

Wednesday 6:30PM PDT - 8:30PM PDT
Location: Online
11 days left. Enroll by Aug 26, 2020
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Wed Aug 26, 2020
6:30PM PDT - 8:30PM PDT

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