Conflict and Crisis Management

HLT POL X 407.6
This course provides concepts and effective skills needed for an advocate during conflicts and crisis to reach a mutually beneficial resolution while remaining unbiased throughout the process of conflict resolution.

What you can learn.

  • Identify and address situations that present a high level of conflict or crisis
  • Build skills needed to promote discussion, problem solving, negotiation, and resolution
  • Articulate ethical standards and professional boundaries in managing conflicts
  • Explore current theories, principles, and practices employed in the health care system

About this course:

What is the difference between conflict and crisis? What emotions and feelings arise when these words are spoken? Undoubtedly you have experienced conflict and crisis at some point in your life. These experiences shake our expectations that our lives should be smooth and well ordered. We know, from experiences, that conflict and crisis encompass complex phenomena of human interactions that must be sensed, observed, and understood before we can identify the best strategies for resolution. This course is about learning skills that will be both effective and sustainable in resolving conflicts or crisis. The ultimate goal in conflict resolution is to build mutually beneficial relationships so that the parties involved can reach a resolution that meets individual and shared needs. This course provides fundamental concepts, knowledge, and skills to promote discussion, problem solving, negotiation, reconciliation, compromise, or resolution. It emphasizes the need for the advocate to remain unbiased in helping provide the best outcomes.

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