Motivational Interviewing: 12 Core Skills

COM HLT X 480.3

This introductory course on motivational interviewing covers its history, the skills needed, and the corresponding evidence-base for interviewing.


What you can learn.

  • Explore the four processes of motivational interviewing: engaging, guiding, evoking, and planning
  • Develop reflective listening skills and eliciting change in a client
  • Comprehend DANCR steps: desire, ability, need, commitment, reasons to change

About this course:

This introductory course covers the history, evidence-base and counseling skills of motivational interviewing. Topics include: what is MI?; the history of MI; evidence-base for use in behavior change; basic elements of motivational interviewing including accepting the client, compassion, collaboration, curiosity; 4 processes of MI: engaging, guiding, evoking and planning; assessing a client’s readiness to change; use of a Readiness to Change Ruler; eliciting change talk; crafting and asking open-ended questions; reflective listening skills; affirm or end on the positive; exploring importance and confidence; utilizing confidence ratings; normalizing talk and behaviors; decisional balancing; utilizing written decisional balance exercises; supporting self-efficacy and autonomy; Utilizing DANCR Steps including Desire, Ability, Need, Commitment, Reasons to change; when to provide advice/feedback or use a directing-helping style; when to utilize paradoxical statements. 

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