Principles of Health Organization Management and Leadership


Learn the fundamentals of health care management (organizational structure, function, and performance) and leadership skills. Students learn effective group management by analyzing typical organizational scenarios.


What you can learn.

  • Identify the fundamentals of health care management, leadership, and organizational dynamics
  • Describe the role of the manager and importance of leadership
  • Understand structure and function of health care organizations
  • Identify effective managerial and leadership skills such as critical thinking and group management

About this course:

Rapid organizational changes, increased regulatory and environmental pressures, monitoring of the quality and safety of patient care, and technology are changing how and where health care is delivered. These changes present major challenges to those who lead health care organizations. This course introduces the fundamentals of health care management, leadership, and organization, including the role of the leader; importance of leadership; structure and function of health care organizations; human resources issues; and managerial and leadership skills, such as communication, problem solving, decision making, team building, and power and influence. Finally, because the leader is critical to the organization's success, participants learn how to define and measure organizational performance. Students are expected to demonstrate effective group management and analyze typical health care management scenarios.

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