Sociology of Gender


What does it mean to say that gender is an "accomplishment"? What gender-related inequalities do we live with and perpetuate? This course provides a personal and an academic exploration of gender in its many manifestations.


What you can learn.

  • Explore how gender is shaped by social, cultural, historical, political, and economic factors
  • Apply sociological ideas to our gendered lived experience
  • Ask about the enduring effects of social structures, institutional patterns, and history on the social construction of gender
  • Reflect upon socialization, identity, and the development of a gendered self through cross-cultural examples
  • Examine the subjective experiences of intersectionality and the structural dimensions of inequalities
  • Utilize diverse media including podcasts, videos, films, websites, and visual art in our efforts to master sociological ideas and concepts

About this course:

This course provides a personal and an academic exploration, utilizing films, discussions, speakers, and personal experiences and insights of gender in its many manifestations. Through explorations of gender in our own Western culture and others, we examine what it means to say that gender is an accomplishment, which may or may not correspond to one's sex in predictable ways. How does one learn to "do" one's gender? What parts do our parents, peers, and media play in gender socialization? How do we accomplish gender through our personal relationships, and what role does gender play, in turn, in shaping these relationships? What gender-related inequalities do we live with and perpetuate, and what are women's, men's, and gay and lesbian movements doing about them? Finally, how are gender roles changing, how should they be changing, and what can and should we do about it? Transferable for UC credit.

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