Urban Food Production

BIOLGY X 489.6

Gain a command of the entire growing process from seed to harvest and explore the relationships between soil and plants, plants and insects, and how to move towards an optimum natural relationship in the garden.


What you can learn.

  • Recognize what makes a food supply secure and sustainable
  • Diagnose garden situations from disease, to insects, to abiotic problems in plants, and competence to bring these problems under control
  • Become aware of the food crises we are in and it's global implications and local solutions

About this course:

The production, packaging, and transportation of food are large contributors to our global carbon emissions. Throughout the Los Angeles basin, food gardens have sprung up producing local healthy and nutritious fruits and vegetables while contributing energy and financial savings in difficult economic times. Using the history and current practices of growing food in the city as a template, this course explores how urban grown food reduces food budgets and encourages food sovereignty while addressing environmental concerns. Participants are each given a small plot for growing food where they can experiment with new ideas and enjoy their harvest. Topics include fruit trees, vegetables, and berries that do well in our climate as well as often overlooked food-producing perennials. We address pitfalls, challenges, and practical answers to growing food in modern city lots where the "back 40" describes square feet and not acres.

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