Fundamentals of Exterior Lighting

ARCH X 493.33

Lessons focus on systems, equipment, calculation procedures and terminology for a basic awareness of lighting. Creating safe spaces, lighting color, and exterior landscapes are emphasized.


What you can learn.

  • Understand the basic terms, concepts, and measurements of light and lighting
  • Understand how the human eye sees and interacts with light
  • Understand the goals, purpose, and process of lighting design
  • Understand the tools of lighting: light sources, luminaires, and controls
  • Understand light pollution: skyglow, trespass, glare, clutter; and how to minimize light pollution in the environment

About this course:

Understanding how the eye functions as light levels change is critical to successful lighting design. In this course, students learn the unique lighting design skills of manipulating the eye through dark and light spaces and creating safe night spaces and compositions. The course highlights basic light concepts such as the lighting vocabulary, how the eye and brain function to provide vision, how we see light and how it affects what we "see," and how to quantify color for lighting design. The course covers various exterior lighting applications for roadways, sports lighting, retail/commercial, structures, parking lots, building exteriors, landscapes, and residential design. Instruction also covers the process of lighting design and its concepts, such as designing with respect to the dark sky and addressing safety and security.

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