Drawing is a Feeling, Part II: Exploring Light, Shade, and Shadow

GENINT 741.344

Osher (50+). The course lets students discover line/space/shape through drawing. 


What you can learn.

  • How to use line, space, and shape in drawing
  • Improve drawing skills
  • Improve understanding of art techniques
  • Understand basic drawing history

About this course:

As an introduction to representational picture making, we learn how to learn to draw the objects and spaces that surrounds us—those things we see every day. Using the pencil, our fundamental tool, we explore space as expressed through shade, shadow, and light. Class sessions include drawing together, and discussion of individual processes. Drawings are shared during class sessions. Students and instructor interact during sessions. Additionally, guest artists are invited to present and discuss their work; museum and gallery educators, curators, and directors are invited to present virtual tours of related exhibitions that discuss the subject at hand. Drawing materials include: drawing pads, drawing pencils HB to 6B, and charcoal pencils/sticks.

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