Reading and Acting Shakespeare's The Tempest

GENINT 711.272
Osher (50+). This course allows students an opportunity to read aloud and discuss one act from a Shakesperean play. Students do not need prior acting experience, just a passion to engage and a copy of the play.

What you can learn.

  • Read Shakespearean plays aloud
  • Explore character development
  • Analyze Shakespeare's writing

About this course:

The ideal group for those who love acting, theatre, language, and Shakespeare. Each week, we read aloud and discuss one act from the play, then work on selected scenes and speeches from an actor's perspective (scripts in hand—no memorization required!). We explore the different ways that Shakespeare's language helps us bring his extraordinary characters to life. All are welcome, no prior acting experience required, only a desire to passionately engage with the greatest dramatist of all time. Please bring a copy of The Tempest to our first meeting.

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