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GENINT 741.373
Osher (50+). This free, monthly discussion group focuses on the issues of aging. 
GENINT 721.574
Osher (50+). This discussion group examines current American social behavior and norms. 
GENINT 711.229
Osher (50+). This discussion course offers an overview of the national and international news of the week. Diversity of views of class members are encouraged.
Format: Classroom
GENINT 721.569
Osher (50+). A discussion into the different reasons for the fall of the Roman Empire. 
GENINT 731.344
Osher (50+). In this course we discuss the ideas of Nietzche, Nihilism, and Existentialism.
Format: Classroom
GENINT 771.336
Osher (50+). In this course, we view some of the greatest Italian films and analyze how they use the verbal, visual, and visceral art form.
GENINT 721.561
Osher (50+). In this course, we study the plays of great American playwrights including Williams, Miller, and Albee.
GENINT 731.322
Osher (50+). In this course, we view some of the greatest plays from ancient Greece to the present.
GENINT 741.268
Osher (50+).This advanced Spanish course offers students a chance to improve their oral Spanish skills through critical reading of Latin American literature and discussion.
Format: Classroom
GENINT 741.363
Osher (50+).  This course reviews the latest anthology from Short Story Day Africa, ID: New Short Fiction from Africa, an anthology centered around identity and exploring African identity, in all its facets. 
GENINT 731.200
Osher (50+). This course offers students with some background of French a chance to develop and practice their language skills in a fun way by one-on-one or small group interaction.
Format: Classroom
GENINT 771.334
Osher (50+). In this course, we learn and apply Jung's ideas on dreams. 
GENINT 721.548
Osher (50+). This course reviews the latest anthology from Short Story Day Africa, Migrations: New Short Fiction from Africa (2017). The anthology’s 21 short pieces use creative and evocative approaches to explore the topic of migrations from the past and present.
GENINT 731.343
Osher (50+). In this course we screen and discuss full-length movies based on novels.
Format: Classroom
GENINT 721.801
Osher (50+). This course offers a chance to practice Spanish conversation for those with basic Spanish knowledge.
Format: Classroom
GENINT 741.250
Osher (50+). This conversation course is intended for those with moderate Spanish knowledge.
Format: Classroom
GENINT 742.249
Osher (50+). This film course constitutes first viewing a film and then addressing the existential dilemma put before us in the work—the flesh and blood human situation in which the characters find themselves. 
GENINT 731.263
Osher (50+). In this course, we watch six films that reveal specific social and moral issues.
GENINT 721.575
Osher (50+). This course explores the poetry of protest and empowerment.
GENINT 721.590
Osher (50+).  In this course, we read four memoirs written by women.
GENINT 731.345
Osher (50+). Join this lively discussion group to share ideas on living a fulfilling life after 60.
Format: Classroom
GENINT 731.175
Osher (50+). An Osher book club. Join us!
Format: Classroom
GENINT 721.588
Osher (50+). This course introduces a fun way to learn about the ten most common health issues.
GENINT 731.265
Osher (50+). A study of the Etruscan civilization which flourished in central Italy between the 8th and 3rd century BCE.
GENINT 741.352
Osher (50+). An analysis of The Odyssey, using the new translation by Emily Wilson.
GENINT 711.333
Osher (50+). This course discusses poetry of resistance and how poets are among the first citizens to be arrested by dictators who seize power, because their poetry speaks truth to power.
GENINT 721.580
Osher (50+). In this course, students read short stories as well as how the authors' stories came into being. 
GENINT 731.342
Osher (50+).  In this course, we read and discuss short stories from an anthology.
Format: Classroom
Osher (50+). This course introduces and examines contemporary art through guided field trips and group discussions.
Format: Classroom
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