Best American Short Stories of the Twentieth Century

GENINT 711.335

Osher (50)+.  This course presents an exciting collection of short stories from a variety of 20th century American authors.  All stories are read critically as well as appreciated in class discussions.


What you can learn.

  • Identify significant authors and stories from American 20th century literature
  • Review and analyze short stories
  • Critique American short stories from the 20th century

About this course:

Fiction reveals much about the period in which it is written and published, and this selection of American short stories are ones that have been honored for the spectacular tapestry they show us. We read, for example, stories by Benjamin Rosenblatt (1915), Jean Toomer (1923) and Willa Cather (1929), Katherine Anne Porter (1930) and William Saroyan (1935) and, from the last years of the twentieth century, stories by John Updike (1980), Susan Sontag (1987), Annie Proulx (1998), and Pam Houston (1999). Some of the authors we read may be familiar to you; some not. But the range of stories we look at closely reveal the sweep of social and personal concerns of the last century, American and universal. Perspective is always enlightening. Recommended Book: The Best American Short Stories of the Century (Mariner Books; Expanded edition April 20, 2000).

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