Evolution of Science: Part 3

GENINT 721.567

Osher (50+). In this course, we learn about the discoveries and inventions of some of the greatest scientists throughout history.


About this course:

We span three centuries to explore the mystery of electricity, from Franklin’s kite to Faraday’s motor and from Maxwell’s electromagnetic equations to Edison’s distribution of electric power, which paved the way for the electronic revolution of the 20th century. Along the way we take a fresh look at Albert Einstein, a deeper look at Alan Turing, and an honest look at Linus Pauling. We recognize more inventions that continue to change our world and highlight women in science too often overlooked, including Lise Meitner (physics), Barbara McClintock (biology), and Maria Mitchell (astronomy). Plus an eye-opening look at the Nobel Prize, the most desired award in science: winners and losers who navigate the politics, prestige, and controversy started by Alfred Nobel over one hundred years ago. No background in science is required; only curiosity, enthusiasm, and a desire to stimulate your mind, as we examine and translate serious ideas into fun and accessible concepts. (Attendance in Part 1 or Part 2 is not necessary.)

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