The Femme Fatales of Film

GENINT 731.296
Osher (50+).  In this film course, we watch seductive women turn men into fools and coax them into fatal folly.

About this course:

We love our wicked women, those seductive Medusas who turn men into fools and coax them into fatal folly. We begin with Billy Wilder’s film noir masterpiece Double Indemnity, featuring a deadly Barbara Stanwyck, followed by Kathleen Turner at her most treacherous in Lawrence Kasdan’s Body Heat, Rita Hayworth as a blond bombshell in Orson Welles’s The Lady from Shanghai, Faye Dunaway as Jack Nicholson’s nemesis in Roman Polanski’s Chinatown, a demonic Demi Moore who almost takes Michael Douglas down in Barry Levinson’s Disclosure, and Eva Greene as James Bond’s most effective temptress in Martin Campbell’s Casino Royale. With apologies to Rita Hayworth in Gilda, Gene Tierney in Laura, Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct, Gloria Graham in The Big Heat, and Bette Davis in almost everything—maybe next time, ladies.

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