Four "Must-Read" Food Novels for the Serious (or Not-So-Serious) Foodie, Part III

GENINT 731.388

Osher (50+). In this course, we read four novels with food themes.


About this course:

This course features four novels by two very different authors. We read two from the late culinary polymath Anthony Bourdain: Gone Bamboo (1997) and The Bobby Gold Stories (2002). Each is about a romantic, food-obsessed, pathetic crook whose hilarious exploits involve not only food and drink, but also love, coke, sex, and assorted crimes, including theft and murder. And we read two from novelist-food historian Crystal King: Feast of Sorrow (2017) and The Chef’s Secret (2019)—featuring the most famous names in the annals of culinary history. In Feast of Sorrow, we meet the ancient Roman ex-slave, Apicius, who has become a sleazy billionaire and gourmand whose spectacular feasts (food orgies, to be more specific) were immortalized in the writings of Rome's finest authors. In The Chef’s Secret, we read about the mysterious, enigmatic Bartolomeo Scappi, the most renowned chef in Renaissance Italy. He cooked for four popes, assorted royalty, and major political, literary, and artistic figures of the time, and was the author of what is considered the first “real” (western) cookbook. These two works also involve food and drink, but no coke (poisons instead), love, sex, or any assorted crimes.

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