Japanese Buddhism, Part 2

GENINT 731.293
Osher (50+).This course focuses on doctrines, rituals, practices and personalities of Japanese Buddhism from the medieval period to the present.

About this course:

In this course, we cover the philosophies and practices of Japanese Buddhism from the medieval to modern period. The Buddhism which Japan imported directly from China takes on a more Japanese character during this period in the Esoteric, Pure Land, Nichiren, and New Buddhism traditions. Yet what is regarded in the west as the quintessential Japanese form of Buddhism—Zen—retains much of it Chinese roots, has a highly fabricated origin story, and is challenged by some scholars as not being truly Buddhist. It is an age of often contentious dichotomies: exoteric/esoteric Buddhism, self/other power, Imperial/Shogunate rule, Kyoto/Kamakura Buddhism, original/acquired awakening, New Shinto/New Buddhism, hostile sectarianism, and the near end of Japanese Buddhism until the flowering of New-New Buddhism. (Part 1 of this course is not a prerequisite; its salient points will be reviewed in our first session.)

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