From Manet to Monet: The Influences and Relationships Between Realism and Impressionism

GENINT 741.388

Osher (50+). This course explores the works of Manet and Monet and their influence on each other.

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About this course:

Although often grouped in with the Impressionists, Édouard Manet is a pivotal and influential transition figure between French Realism and Impressionism. His work, focusing on capturing the immediacy of the modern world, was seen as a challenge to the constraints of the French Academy of Fine Arts and became an inspiration for a young generation of rebellious artists who would become known as the Impressionists. However, as Impressionism continues to develop, its style and methods begin to make an impact on the work of Manet. Although Manet never participated in the Impressionist Exhibitions, in his work and those of the Impressionists—Claude Monet in particular—you can see the reciprocity of their influences on each other. This course traces those developments that helped to form the Impressionist style and how they, in turn, influenced encouraged experimentation in Manet's works.  

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